CBD Flower vs. CBD Oil which is better?

Posted by Austin McDowell on

CBD Flower vs. CBD Oil, which is better? Have you ever asked yourself that question? It's all about the delivery. (lokbok) from reddit.com says: “I like both for different reasons. Full spectrum tinctures work better for me in the mornings as I feel better overall benefits from it. Vaping flowers tend to get me far more sleepy than tinctures.”. Please note not all CBD flower will make your sleepy.

Smoking produces smoke which some users don’t like. the side effects (smell). Study’s have shown that smoking CBD flower can help with chronic pain, anxiety, and relieve symptoms from multiple sclerosis and seizures, according to the US National Library of Medicine. We would recommend trying it for yourself and make your own choice on which you like better.

CBD Oil can provide relief from the symptoms that we previously stated. So ask yourself; what does it come down to? The answer is personal preference.

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This post is not medical advice.